A Carbon-Neutral Social NFT Metaverse for Transformational Healing Art

Decentralizing Transformational Healing Art Social Metaverse

Decentralizing the Healing Renaissance – Harnessing and unlocking the power of Creative human expression and potential to create Transformational Healing Arts Centric Social NFT Carbon-Neutral Metaverse, generating revenue streams for causes and missions worldwide whilst hosting cutting edge virtual state of the art interactive community interactions and experiences. A Conscious culture of visionaries and forward thinkers creating the possibility of the Future.

Leveraging Carbon-Neutral Blockchain, NFT, Immersive  Metaverse, and Transformational Artist Co-Creation tools for our Global Transformational Arts community members to create, co-create, upload, mint, buy/sell/swap, donate powered by unique Transformational  Arts Community focused Social and Community NFT offerings

A Global Carbon-Neutral Transformational Healing Social NFT Metaverse

Healing Arts centric NFT artwork and store on the blockchain, generating revenue streams for aligned causes and missions worldwide


Mona Lisa NFT


Blue Swan Lace NFT


Blue Swan Lace NFT

More than an NFT Metaverse. A Transformational Healing Force

MAGI is an ever evolving growing space in our universe that generates resources to save our planet through the Art of Creation.

Meet the MAGIcal Social MAGIverse

Using blockchain, metaverse, and social/community NFT concepts, with co-creation artistic tools for users to create, co-create, upload, and buy/sell/swap unique Transformational Arts centric Social NFT offerings that directly impact the NPO of the user’s choice. We are a conscious community taking part in a social marketplace, using the gift of Inspiration and limitless creative human potential to collaborate and make art together for causes that need our support Now.

Your own virtual Studio

Each Creator has their personal virtual studio to create multimedia digital art in, a global marketplace to show and sell their work to gather resources not only for themselves, but for their chosen mission.

Partner with other artists & raise funds

Each NPO has their mission broadcasted and opportunity for Creators to partner their work with them in unified effort to raise awareness and funding.

Enter the Magi Metaverse

Each Magician will get to enter the Magi Metaverse with an Avatar and play the game that will save the world. Leveling up through our universe the more creations, collaborations, engagement, and funds generated for NPO’s that support Planet Earth and her inhabitants. The more impact for good generated in the world, the higher levels unlock in The Game of the MAGI.

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